You improve your life and business with 7 personal business goals

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7 business goals | A&H Business Technology
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Personal business goals not only improve your business, they also improve your overall life. Your personal business goals are different to your normal business goals, they focus on your personal development, help you to become the very best version of you and they’ll make a big difference in all areas of your life as well as your business.

There are a whole range of personal business goals you may choose to work on.  I’ve put together a list of 7 that I encourage you to work on.

I’ll give you tips and further reading where possible to help you achieve each goal.

My advice is to pick the goal you think will make the biggest difference, work on that particular personal business goal for a while, until you feel you’ve really improved in this area before you move onto another of the goals.


Now as I said, try to work on one (or two) goals at a time to avoid overwhelm.  It’s better to make real, long-lasting changes and it takes a few months rather than try to do them all at one, get overwhelmed and then drop them all.

And as with any good advice, these tips will only make a difference to you if you actually apply them.


Let’s face it, a lack of confidence really impacts our life and business. Improving your confidence will really show in your business and it will just help you to feel so much more positive in all areas of your life.

One of the simplest ways to improve your confidence is to practice deep breathing.  I know this sounds ridiculously simple but to take a couple of minutes to slowly breathe in through your nose, hold for a few seconds and then slowly breathe out will really help you to feel calm and more confident.  Breathe in confidence and breathe out negative emotions and beliefs.

Take small steps to get familiar with things that you lack confidence in – Example: If you lack confidence in public situations, such as parties, networking events… Step out of your comfort zone for just a very short time.  There’s no rule that says you have to attend the entire event – Make yourself known to the organiser and let them know you can only stay for a short time.  Give yourself a set time to stay, maybe 30 minutes or even less to start.

Role-play is a fantastic way to get more comfortable with things and this brings confidence – Example: If you have to make calls to prospective clients about your business or take calls where you need to give information about your business, find a trusted friend or family member to role-play with and practice this kind of call.  If this feels awkward with someone you know, get in touch, and we can arrange a role-play session.  It’s powerful stuff, it’s your chance to get it wrong, get muddled and move onto getting it spot on so that you feel super confident.


So many people waste such a lot of time and energy making decisions and a lot of the time these decisions really don’t impact your life or business very much.

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