YouTube HOURS Views – [Instant Start] [5000 to 10,000+/Day] [10 seconds – 60 minutes Retention] — $99.99 per 4000 hours

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Please note that this Views service only comes with a 20-day refill. If the views drop within 20 days we will either refill or refund. We don’t anticipate drops after 20 days, but if it does there will be no refill or refund for dropped views.

Start Time: Instant Start (YouTube Counter is delayed 1-6 hours please allow time after order starts to reflect the views delivered)
Speed: 5000 to 10,000+ per day per day
Retention: 10 seconds – 60 minutes. Retention is estimated, can vary by video, and we do not guarantee the retention.
Refill: 20 Days
GEO: Viewers could come from any country worldwide
*No videos with embed disabled
*No videos that are currently Premiere Waiting (OK after they have Premiered
*No videos that are currently Streaming Live (OK after the stream ends)
*No country restrictions, must be open to all countries.
*No age restrictions, must have no age restrictions.
*No videos with copyright content

This service comes with both an over-delivery of views to compensate for a potential drop and an auto-refill, which means if there is a drop in the views you paid for our system should detect it and automatically restart the order on our back-end order system to refill the drop. However, we do not refill any over-delivered views that might drop – only paid views will be refilled.

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